Cleveland 5th Edition

Our latest release of our famous map of Cleveland:

Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide,
5th Ed.


Cleveland Map 5th Edition Cover

ISBN-13: 978-1-889748-09-2
ISBN-10: 1-889748-09-9
UPC: 636292-818971
SRP: $5.95
Unfolded size: 23-3/8
“ x 22 -7/16“ (folding to 4“ x 9“)
Release Date: 2008

The map is an update of our previous edition, released in September 2004, with many enhancements. The 5th Edition is our finest map of Cleveland to date. Numerous updates and changes (over 200) have been made on this new edition to reflect the many changes and developments in the city since 2004, across almost every category on the map.

The map provides full-color and detailed information on the economic and cultural hearts of Cleveland.

Side 1 of the map depicts Downtown Cleveland, including various districts within the central business district as well as adjacent neighborhoods, as follows: Gateway, Warehouse District, The Flats, Tremont, Chinatown, AsiaTown, and parts of Ohio City and Midtown.

Side 2 of the map covers University Circle and the adjacent neighborhoods to include Little Italy and parts of Hough, Fairfax, and Midtown. In addition to the map of University Circle, there is a detailed transit map, depicting the city’s rapid transit system and airports.

A new feature on the 5th Edition is the detailed depictions of the three campuses shown on the map–Cleveland State University, Cleveland Clinic, and Case Western Reserve University. Each building on these campuses is drawn and identified. As well, for Case Western Reserve University, with over 100 buildings, a special index of CWRU buildings is provided.

The map can be sold in retail shops for both visitors and locals, and is also very useful for out-of-town associates, recruiting, orientations, gifts, convention attendees, and numerous other uses.

For a list of the categories mapped and indexed on the 5th Edition, please click here.

For a list of changes between the Fourth and Fifth Editions, other than updates within map categories (e.g., restaurants that opened, closed, moved, or changed names), please see our Edition History. This section also discusses changes made between previous editions as well.

Finally, the map contains useful phone numbers (including cultural venues and organizations, sports teams, and taxis/trains/airports), a world timezone map, and a biographical section on Cleveland (in English, Spanish, and French).

Some samples of the 5th Edition:

Sample from Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide: Public Square

The map is in full color and places of interest are color-coded by type of use. As seen above, office buildings are in light blue, hotels are light green, public/government buildings are in yellow, and restaurants and nightlife spots are in red.

Sample from Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide: Harbor

Here is the area around North Coast Harbor, including Cleveland Browns Stadium to the left, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and E. 9th Street Pier towards the middle, and Burke Lakefront Airport to the right. The solid blue-green line running at a slight angle near the bottom of the sample is the Regional Transit Authority’s Waterfront Line.


Sample from Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide: Part of University Circle

A new feature on this edition is the depiction of each of the buildings on the three main campuses shown on the map: Cleveland State University, Cleveland Clinic, and Case Western Reserve University. Here is a section of the University Circle map, showing part of the campus of Case Western Reserve University.


Sample from Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide: Little Italy

Above is a section of Little Italy, along Mayfield Road, just east of Euclid Avenue. All of Little Italy is included, as well as other neighborhoods, in equal levels of detail.

Information on purchasing Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide, 5th Edition can be found here for bulk/wholesale orders. For individual orders, maps can be ordered from retail stores or from MapLink using the code CMC CLEVE in the “publisher” box on the Map Link site.

For a list of major projects recently announced in Cleveland for 2008, click here.

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