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Visitor’s Map & Guide to Cleveland

by The Cleveland Map Company

Predecessor title to our current map, Cleveland: The Essential Map & Guide.

  • Third Edition (Millennium Edition) (1999), ISBN 1-889748-06-4:  superseded.

  • Second Edition (1997), ISBN 1-889748-04-8:  superseded.
  • First Edition (Bicentennial Edition) (1995), no ISBN issued:  superseded.

A limited number of copies of these early editions is still available for sale to collectors, researchers, and others. Please call for information.

Adí­cora, Venezuela: The Gringo’s Windsurfing Map & Guide

by John DuQuette

A Publication of The Cleveland Map Company.
ISBN 1-889748-02-1. 63 pages. 1997.

This title is the most comprehensive guide ever written on the town of Adí­cora, Venezuela. Located on South America’s Paraguana Peninsula, Adí­cora possesses superb natural windsurfing conditions in a quaint, small-town setting off the regular beaten path. Unfortunately, this book is now out of print.

Transportation Infrastructure Map of Mozambique

by The Cleveland Map Company

Depicting primary and secondary roadways, primary and secondary ports, rail right-of-ways and railroad and fleet data, airports with commercial service, and all domestic & international flights by airline to and from any Mozambican airport

Unfortunately, this title is now out of print.

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